Broken Science #2
Vaccines are Supposed to
Bestow Immunity

In our whole history of vaccination the goal has always been to give recipients immunity against the disease in question. This has been true for vaccinations against chicken-pox and measles, mumps and rubella, etc. It was true of the very first vaccine, the cowpox inoculation against smallpox back in early 1800s.

But it is not true of the Covid-19 so-called “vaccine.”

Just look at what Justin Trudeau did at the beginning of the Truckers’ Convoy to Ottawa. He proclaimed that even though he has supposedly had two vaccine doses and one booster, he felt the need to self-isolate because he had been exposed to CoV-2.

Can no one see that he is admitting that the so-called Covid vaccines do not work?

Then only a few days later it was announced that Justin Trudeau tested positive for CoV-2. How can that be if these vaccines–the same ones he wants to force on Canadians–are at all effective? If they are not effective, there is NO justification in allowing these untested inoculations being used at all, much less being forced on people.

How can people’s logic become so twisted that this contradiction is not shouted from the rooftops?

Many feel that this untested gene therapy inoculation should not even be called a vaccine.

Now over 80 studies have confirmed that natural immunity in persons recovered from CoV-2 is equal to or greater protection than from the Covid m-RNA injections.

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One has to wonder: why is this not openly admitted by the CDC? Could the fact that more than half of the CDC’s budget comes from the pharmaceutical industry have something to do with that?

Why, too, is this not being picked up by our mainstream news media?Anything that speaks against the so-called Covid Vaccine being the ONLY medical option is promptly denounced in all our news media. Could this have anything to do with the amount of money Big Pharma pours into the news industry?

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The thought is nauseating. How could we have let our news and regulatory agencies get so compromised?

More important, how do we get back honorable and honest media and regulatory agencies?

This issue of immunity is yet another example of Broken Science that is being proclaimed to us by governments and media. It is true that science marches on in its understanding and old ideas get replaced with new ones. But this process is supposed to happen when EVIDENCE shows the old ideas are untenable. Not with the “because we say so” rationale that is being used since the Covid crisis began.

By Michael Shumate