Broken Science 3
Treatments that Work
Should Not be Outlawed or Forbidden

In all ages of medicine any treatment that worked against a particular disease was welcomed, not outlawed. In the case of Covid-19, if an existing drug or drugs were found to cure or prevent the transmission of this disease, there would be no grounds for getting emergency approval for any new, untested or expensive treatment. If something else has a 99% success rate, we just don’t need it. The only way Big Pharma could have its vaccines is if all other treatments were taken off the table. Otherwise, legitimate cures would stand in the way of Big Pharma’s biggest money grab in history and therefore they would not be tolerated.

A concerted effort of misinformation, (read more here) rigged studies (read more here) and agency intervention was successful in getting two highly successful treatments for Covid taken out of medical arsenals in North America: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Both had been used successfully for decades, not just for the illnesses that they were developed for, but for a host of other ailments that they were subsequently found to be successful on. Countries where these drugs are not deliberately banned have experienced one tenth of the mortality from Covid as North America.

There is no lack of rigorous scientific study on this matter but it is systematically avoided by the Big Pharma funded news media.

This is yet another example of Broken Science.

You can close your ears and say “I’m not listening” or you can read further. Take your pick below.

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By Michael Shumate