Broken Science #4
Misleading Testing
Drives Public Health Policies

The now familiar PCR test was meant to amplify a sample to detect the presence of any viral sequences, regardless of whether they are alive viruses, or dead viruses or even parts of a dead virus. It also used a technique called Cycle Threshold to take the typically small actual viral particles and raise them to a detectable level. Its inventor, Dr. Kery Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for this test, said it can not be used to diagnose any particular disease.
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The recommended level of amplification for the PCR test was 17 cycles. But cycles of 30 and even 40 were typically used in most places in North America when testing for Covid.

The result? A massive number of false positives were reported. These could be in perfectly healthy people because who among us won’t have some remnants of viruses floating around in our systems, even if we are genuinely not sick. Not only that, but the specificity of the test could not distinguish what kind of virus was supposedly being detected. This is because COVID is a coronavirus, from the same family of viruses that give the common cold and a host of other more benign viruses that don’t do much at all.
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Because of the misuse of this test, the corporate owned news media was fed a constant statistic of thousands of “cases” that were asumed to be SARS CoV-2. Since the numbers of deaths from Covid fell to unremarkable numbers, this came just in time to maintain public paranoia and motivate people to rush out and take an unproven, untested gene therapy injection with unknown side effects.

In specific terms, it meant that only about 25% of people who tested positive actually had Covid. And since Covid overall has had a 99%+ recovery rate in persons below the age of 70, one has to wonder, how did we let this tempest in a teapot control so many policies and drive so much disintegration of our civil liberties and medical freedom? We can see that we were all whipped into a fear frenzy that was completely unscientific, invalid and unjustified.

Finally, the CDC caved to almost universal pressure and rescinded the use of the PCR test for the end of 2021, only to be replaced by the so-called Rapid Test. Is the PCR’s stand-in any better?

Even government data only promises a 58% accuracy among non-symptomatic people. And even persons who are genuinely ill, it only claims a 78% accuracy.
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It is easy to see that those who want the fear-demic to continue have created for themselves tests that will perpetuate the case-demic for their own political and financial ends.

This is broken science of the highest order.

By Michael Shumate