Crucial Unfinished Business

With the Russia/Ukcrain crisis looming big in our view, let us not forget some crucial unfinished business back here in Canada
At no point was the recent invocation of the Emergencies Act warranted.
There had been no violent acts in Ottawa by the truckers, unlike when Trudeau’s father invoked the War Measures Act during the Quebec uprising. Prior to Trudeau’s goon squad that was called in, there had not been so much as strong words between the Ottawa police and the truckers. TNeither had here had been any destruction of property by the truckers. There was some disruption of traffic due to the number of vehicles, but the truckers tried to leave at least one lane open on all streets.
At no point did the Prime Minister or any representative of his government consult with the truckers, much less negotiate. And yet when the rail lines were blockaded and property destroyed, he did send negotiators and resolved the impasse. When the oil pipeline was blockaded he did the same thing.
But with peaceful (contrary to the warped reporting of CBC and their ilk) truckers came to Ottawa, Trudeau fled and never opened a dialog. So who was really to blame that the truckers “occupation” lasted so long?
And why was the illegal implementation of the Emergencies Act the way Trudeau chose to respond? You’ll have to ask him (or your local MP or Senators).
One day the right to assemble and demonstrate was legal and constitutional. The next day it was labeled terrorism.
One day it was perfectly legal and constitutional to donate to the grass roots freedom movement, the next day it was deemed funding terrorists, punishable by having bank accounts frozen.
And now those benign activities are legal and constitutional again.
So where are those who were unjustly criminalized during the few days that the Emergency Act was in force?
Where are the people who were arrested by Trudeau’s brute squad? Where are their trucks and vehicles that were confiscated? What of the bank accounts of persons making donations to the truckers that were frozen when the Emergencies Act was in force?
There has been a serious miscarriage of justice that needs to be righted. But given the stubborn and unreasoning attitude of Trudeau during this whole fiasco, it would be unwise to assume that justice will be righted in these situations without some public and political pressure. We should not forget these victims of the illegally invoked Emergencies Act.
And what about the federal mandates to use vaccinations that clearly do not work (except to line the pockets of certain politicians?). Remember that one of the claims of Trudeau at the beginning of the truckers in Ottawa was that he had tested positive for Covid in spite of the fact that he has had two shots and a booster. How can he insist that truckers get the same shots when clearly they do not work?
The mandates need to end.
The prisoners need to be freed
Their property needs to be returned
All bank accounts (including the donations freely given by many thousand Canadians) need to be unfrozen.
So please do not forget these victims. Here are the email addresses of your Parliamentary representatives:
(Best practice is to make a letter to each one, not in any group)
The Right Honourable Mary Simon, Governor General
The Hon. Lawrence MacAuley, MP for Cardigan
The Hon. Percy E. Downe, Senator from PEI
The Hon. Diane F. Griffin, Senator from PEI
The Hon. Brian Francis, Senator from PEI
By Michael Shumate