Island “Slow Roll”
for Freedom
Overwhelming Success

Island Slow Roll

Islanders by the thousands came out to support the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy today and to express their feelings about recent Island government policies. Many hundreds of cars drove from various parts of PEI. Staging areas were designated across the Island: Tignish, Profits Corner, O’Leary, MacIsaac Road, Miscouche, Kensington, Hunter River, Souris, Morell, Mt. Stewart, York Road, Pooles Corner and Stratford.

Staging at Pooles Corner

Sow Roll near Vernon RiverFrom those starting points, trucks, tractors and cars by the hundreds left and traveled toward Charlottetown, keeping to the right, with emergncy flashers going, to disrupt traffic the least amount possible. Many families along the route stood by the roads with signs and Canada Flags to cheer the participants on.

Slow Roll at Cherry Valley

The various groups of “Slow Roll” vehicles converged on Charlottetown, some circumventing the city before eventually coming down University Avenue to pass by the Cenotaph, where hundreds more persons cheered them on, waved flags and sang “Oh, Canada.”


Slow Roll 1 Slow Roll 2

Slow Roll 3Slow Roll 4

The stream of vehicles continued non-stop for over an hour and twenty minutes and would have continued for some time beyond that, but the police started diverting traffic once our two hour permit for the demonstration expired. The police were very helpful during the whole process.

Many vichicles and other participants sported signs. Some of those read:

“Our kids are NOT lab rats!”

“Stop the Mandates”

“Look at the REAL Science”

“Return Canada to a DEMOCRACY”


“Mandate Freedom”

And contrary to what Mr. Trudeau would have you think, this did not represent a “small fringe minority.” Many vehicles were identified from a crossection of Island businesses and occupations: farmers, truckers, many hard-working Islanders who want their constitutional freedoms and gevernment back and want to send a clear message to Premier King and his cabinet that Islanders have had enough. And NO, not one single swastica was seen the whole day!

By Michael Shumate