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It's not over: They're just reloading Their guns

Dr. Mark Trozzi gives a Science Summary

Died Suddenly

Trailer for "Died Suddenly

Most powerful 4 minutes & 20 seconds you may ever see.


Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID-19 Vaccines Triggering Cancers and Clots

“Vaccine is more dangerous than the virus itself"


45 Deaths, 5,000+ Adverse Events after Booster Shots Reported to VAERS

All COVID-19 vaccines tally: 31,696 dead, 263,462 injured


Severe Reactions Minutes After Vax Written Off as Coincidental

Reactions 15-30 minutes after shot should be assumed linked

Doctors coerced

Silencing doctors who want to speak out about COVID vaccines

Threatened with decertification if they share medical findings.


How Did Pediatricians Get It Wrong for So Long?

Doctors risk their professional standing to tell the truth.


Petition: Canada must exit the WHO to keep health sovereignty

If we give them power to call the shots, we lose all accountability

CDC V-Safe Data

ICAN Obtains V-SAFE Data

Now open to public: Data from 10 million users of the CDC’s v-safe app.


FDA hides autopsy results of people who died after COVID shots

Defying Freedom of Info. Act to protect the innocent or guilty?

Air Canada confesses travel health measures “were not justified by science”

Just another example of government pandemic manipulation

pregnancy risks

Shocking & Escalating Covid Vaccine Side Effects In Pregnant Women

Warning on vaccine side effects: spike In miscarriages, fetal deaths, uterus shedding

Biden admin teams up with Facebook to censor 'misinformation'

But who censors the misinformation coming from the White House ?

Chinese Police

Why do Chinese police operate in Canada, our security forces & Trudeau look the other way?

"Persuading" Chinese immigrants to return to China to face "justice?"


The Medicine that Could Have Ended the Pandemic

Big Pharma's war on a truly safe & effective drug, used for over 40 years

Aseem Malhotra

Peer Reviewed Article calls for
Immediate Suspension of Covid Shots

Former advocate of shots finds out he was wrong, goes public.


Crimes of the COVID Pandemic

Shocking Insight From Bioweapons Expert and Law Professor

Safe & Effective

Safe & Effective? -
A Second Opinion

Side-step safety measures, mislead the public, cover-up adverse effects.

Dr. David E. Martin

Governments of Canada & US Accused of Premeditated Murder in Criminal Court

Dr. David E. Martin re criminal lawsuit underway to address medical atrocities


With only data from 8 mice,
1 Major Risk of Omicron Boosters Can’t Be Ignored

Documented 2003 SARS vaccine trials: vaxxed worse when getting sick.

Social Media

Court Rules Against Social Media Companies in Free Speech Censorship Fight

Why should corporations have the power to censor what people say?


Safety & effectiveness of new COVID bivalent boosters based on a study of eight mice?

No human clinical trials, the FDA gave Emergency Use Approval for boosters.

Why the COVID vaccine should be banned for pregnant women

Pfizer released data shows miscarriage rate was 87.5%.


C-19 Vaccines didn’t work, so CDC changed definition of ‘Vaccine’

They rewrote the rules, so big pharma could profit from the pandemic

Excess Deaths

What Is the Cause of Increased Mortality Rates? More in 2021 than height of COVID.

Blame everything except elephant in the room: experimental vaccines.


1,200 Scientists, Scholars Declare: ‘No Climate Emergency’

"Climate policies should be more scientific.” (Not driven by political agendas?)


Study: Natural Immunity Better Than Three mRNA COVID Shots

The New England Journal of Medicine: 3 vax doses offer "no significant protection."


1 in 25 Treated for COVID Shot Reactions

German insurance company tells 437,593 of 11 million had reactions needing treatment


Autopsies Find Massive Blood Clots in Vax Victims

Dr. Jane Ruby tells what morticians find: what these clots look like.


Toxic, Metallic Compounds Found in All COVID Vaccine Samples

Not mentioned on ANY of their ingredients lists. German scientists analysis.


Robert F. Kennedy's response to resignation of Anthoiny Fauci

When the pirate ship captain leaves other rats also dessert.

Convoy that United a country

The Convoy that United a Country

The Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms documentary

Uninformed Consent

Must See Documentary that the 'Elites' Hope You Never See

How the narrative that an unproved technology is the "only way" forward.

Insurance Stats

Unexpected 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’ in 2021

Life Insurance companies report huge rise in deaths of 18 to 49 year olds.

CDC ‘Admits It Was Wrong’
on COVID Guidance

Downplayed natural immunity, social distancing, etc., etc., etc.

World Elites

UN Declares Conspiracy Theorists "Public Enemy no.1"

Says to “prebunk/debunk” any idea. Not honest or transparent.

Air Canada

CDC Illegally Used $15 Million Gift From Facebook to Promote COVID Propaganda

Call for inquiry into CDC using it to manipulate public opinion re COVID.


WHO pushes again for
Global Pandemic Treaty

World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund for Vaccine Passports - Control & Power

Evidence shows CDC Colluded with Big Tech to Censor COVID Vaccine Info

Biden admin directed social media companies to censor speech re COVID.

World Hunger

Why Global Elite Don’t Want to
End World Hunger

From the UN website: If everyone is well-fed, who will provide cheap labor.

10% of Americans Regret Taking COVID Vax, 15% Got New Medical Condition

CDC reports 15% 0f 232,000+ with new diagnosed condition. Study needed.

Baby Antibiotics

Early Antibiotics May Lead to
Lasting Asthma, Allergies

Study has major implications, to inform kids' antibiotic use


Twitter Censors Senior Israeli Physician-Scientist Hurt by Vax

For suggesting connection between monkeypox outbreak and COVID vax.


Google Censors Basic 2-Question Survey on COVID

Clear that they don't want this information gathered. Why?


Documents Reveal How CDC, Social Media Giants Colluded to Suppress Free Speech

CDC & social media censor free speech & promote Biden admin propaganda.

Kid Vaxxed

5 Facts to Consider Before Vaccinating Kids for COVID

With near zero risk from COVID, why risk KNOWN vax effects?


Anthony Fauci's
5 Disastrous COVID Mistakes

Single handed failed COVID policies of past 2+ years


How Masks Make You Sick
Instead of Protecting You

CDC's own data: no differences between states with or without mask mandates


CDC Blatantly Spreads COVID Disinformation: Three Examples

Steering public opinion to wrong, unjustified conclusions.


Policies that Give Money to the Rich Give Inflation to the Rest

Redistribute income upward but won't help the working class..


Denied Life-Saving Surgery over vax status

How can charter rights be violated like this? Sign a petition for her.


Canadian Government data confirms: Vaxxed at greater risk than unvaxxed

93% of COVID Deaths in Canada; 50% of them Quadruple Jabbed


Paramedics reveal empty hospitals during COVID, and probable vax injuries

We have to conclude the media were and are still lying to us.

Crisis Famine

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 65:
Crisis Famine With Dr. Mercola

Food, energy, economic crises fabricated according to set plan.

The Light

The "safe and effective" narrative
is falling apart

US public health agencies "Aren't Following the Science"


Plandemic: InDOCTORnation

Banned on YouTube, exposes the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci


Canadians May Have to Get COVID Booster Every 9 Months

False COVID narratives to take control of society


Global Depopulation Agenda Exposed

Explained by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Mary Holland

World Council of Health calls for global recall of COVID vax

Dr Peter A. McCullough testifies to Texas Senate HHS

Pfizer VP

Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional

False COVID narratives to take control of society


Increased Menstrual Irregularities x1000, Fetal Abnormalities x100: VAERS

VAERS data clear but no one listens, media won't report.

Academia corrupted

Academic corruption: medical journal retracts study on COVID shot dangers

Excellent scientific papers by experts retracted from scientific journals


Not Normal Cancers’: What Doctors See After COVID Shots

Surprising numbers, unusual cancers, foot-long clots


750,000+ Dead, 30 Million Injured Because of Covid Vax

America lost 405,000 soldiers + 670,000 wounded in WWII

WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines forever, with no clinical trials


Chilling Fertility Implications, Alarming Risk Factors From Pfizer Research

Results of a WHO-driven population control experiment

Trudeau gov’t to ‘take action’ against pro-life pregnancy centers in Canada

Plan to shut down every single charity in Canada that voices any pro-life beliefs.


What parents won’t be told before the shot

Yes, this is about the US, but do you think we're being treated any differently here?

Justin Beiber

Why I'm 99% sure Justin Bieber's facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine

VAERS data says Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is 160 times more likely after jab.


Liberals block release of data to justify travel restrictions

If they had legitimate proof, why wouldn't they show it?

Kory's Protocol

Post Vaccine Syndrome Protocol
Dr. Pierre Kory + Dr. Paul Marik

Repaire a genocide - treatment for COVID and vaccine damage.

World Monopoly

Monopoly: Who Owns the World?

One of the top 5 most important
videos ever produced


Resisting the Great Reset agenda can stop the globalists from fully implementing it

Who’s behind rising totalitarianism? What are their ultimate intentions?

Dr. Ryan Cole

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole: "COVID jab side effects are like a ‘nuclear bomb’"

Pushing jabs on women & children 'Criminal acts ... perpetrated upon humanity.'


Shouldn’t parents know when their children are part of a medical experiment?

The FDA has a history of taking risks with our children’s lives.


FDA Sued: ‘Unlawfully Interfered’ With Doctors' Ability to Treat Patients

Doctors told not to use Ivermectin even though FDA approved for humans

Shots for Kids

Data Is ‘Irrefutable’ — COVID Vaccines Dangerous for Kids

5 toxins: spike proteins, PEG, graphene oxide, nanolipids and nanotoxicity.


3 COVID Stats: What They Tell Us and How They Divided Our World

Highest mortality in countries with highest vax rates.

UK Govt. Data: Almost 70,000 died 1 month after COVID shots

Same flawed statistics that justified lock-downs, masks, and no one opposed it.

Covid vax

Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs ‘Overwhelmed.’ 1,287,595 Vax Injuries

With 28,532 deaths, 235,041 serious injuries in 17 months.

Mass Vaccination Does Not Prevent, Instead Triggers Spike in Cases, Deaths

Not the COVID virus itself that harms, the spike protein

Trudeau Army

Proposed ‘hate crime’ bill may convict before law broken

"Hate crimes" ill-defined but punishable. Presumption replaces evidence.

UK Med Team

9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People: UK Report

US Dept. of HHS stopped recording COVID deaths

Kids Testing

CDC: More kids got COVID with 2 Shots than with none

FDA OKs COVID booster shot to kids 5-11, against CDC data

Puppet Strings

Advertisers’ ‘Invisible Strings’ Control What You Read/Watch

Corporate media buried news for big advertisers for decades


Dr. Robert Malone: Don’t Listen to Monkeypox Fear Porn

Media's disinformation on Monkeypox origins

Monkey Pox Event

Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic

Why in worst COVID lock-down countries, not Africa?

Stop The Treaty

Action Alert: It’s Now or Never.
We Must #StopTheTreaty.

Sovereign individual nations, constitutional rights are at stake


18 Major Airlines, FAA, DOT Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

Coerced to take an experimental, dangerous medical treatment

WHO Pandemic Treaty: What It Is, Why It Matters. How to Stop It

Another step in the globalist's plot against humanity


Gates Foundation, WHO, Pharma Execs Had Monkeypox Pandemic ‘Simulation’

More than a year ago, was this unreal foresight or plotting?

Pfizer docs

Pfizer Adverse Events Reported as ‘Unrelated’ to Vaccine?

Adverse events - Pfizer usually reported as ‘unrelated’ to vax

Covid jabs

What COVID Jabs Do to Immune System. How Injured Can Heal

Nature of vax-caused spike injuries, and its affinity for certain organs

Pfizer documents reveal their fraud, complicity of CDC and FDA

Dr. Naomi Wolf reports findings of released Pfizer's own documents.

Dr. Robert Malone

Thousands of scientists calling for a total end to ‘orchestrated’ COVID crisis

17,000 medical professionals say end COVID ‘genetic therapy injections.

45 Years Of Mask Studies Prove
They Are Worthless

Decades of science was put aside to benefit government and business agendas.


Why are Regulatory Standards So Lax on COVID Drug Approvals?

Since next to no risk to children, approval of COVID drugs for them is unwarranted.

VAERS data

Nearly 30,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Shows

Plus 1,261,149 adverse events from all age groups and 228,477 serious injuries


Pfizer Booster Protects Against Omicron Only for Weeks

Increased adverse reaction risks, very little to gain

Natural Immunity

If You’ve Had COVID, Please Don’t Get Vaccinated

“Significantly increased incidence and severity” of side effects after COVID-19 vax


RCMP Says Emergencies Act Was Not Needed to Clear Blockades

No powers granted by Emergencies Act used to clear the border blockades


Preparing for Food Shortages, Hard Times on a Shoestring Budget: Prepper's Advice

Most people don’t bother to prepare for uncertain times until it’s too late.


500,000 Germans Severely Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines

Results from Germany’s top hospital and one of Europe’s largest, study.


Alberta Court Rules Fed's Environmental Impact Law Unconstitutional

Environment, Climate Change do not overrule constitution

Pilots Speak Out

Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: ‘I Will Probably Never Fly Again’

FDA Enabled Pharma “to choose profits over American lives”

Doctors Under Attack

Doctors Punished/Threatened for Questioning the COVID Vaccines

Hippocratic Oath, Risk-Benefit Ratio, and Informed Consent all ignored.

Carlson-Food Shortages

Disturbing number of food plant disasters contribute to shortage fears

6 to 8 per year between 2017 & 2019, 4 in 1st 4 months of 2022

German Gov't Recommends
Stocking Up on Food

Be prepared for killer COVID variant, Ukraine war, etc.

Robert Califf

Robert Califf Heads FDA (Again)
Despite Financial Ties to Pharma

Senators Say FDA Enabled Pharma “to choose profits over American lives”

Vax Vials

Pfizer, J&J COVID Vaccine Trials Show Shots’ Impact on Organs

48 hrs after & months later: Nanoparticles in liver, ovaries & other organs .

Middle-Aged Deaths

Why So Many Middle-Aged Deaths in 2021?

Death rate for 45-54 year olds as high as for those 85+ - Why?

Doctors Chained

UK doctors could lose careers for questioning vaccines

Science no longer free to follow evidence

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Breakdowns are NOT Happening By Chance

Deliberate measures to break down civilization

Trends in Vaxxed

New Data Shows Troubling Trend In Vaccinated

Not the unvaxxed, but the vaxxed are hardest hit.


Trudeau’s oppression of vaccine-free Canadians shows weakness, not strength

Other nations don't restrict travel of vaccine-free, just Canada.

Vax Risks

mRNA vax tied to increase risk of myocarditis: massive study

'The benefits of the vaccines in no way outweigh the risks,'

Digital ID

Fight the Great Reset in Canada: Urge your MP to reject digital ID!

'The power to store every Canadian’s electronic identity and attributes.'


21% of VAERS Reported Deaths Occurred Within 48 Hours of COVID Vax

27,349 deaths + 222,836 serious injuries in 16 months.

Officials Manipulated COVID Data to Exaggerate Crisis, Mathematician Tells

Skewed statistics used by most governments and media.

Doctors Surveyed

1 in 10 Doctors (or more?) Believe COVID Shots Aren’t Safe

Non-trivial proportion of primary care physicians lack confidence in vaccines.

Pilots at Risk

COVID Vaccine Mandate for Pilots Violates Federal Law, Passengers at Risk

Pilots have suffered death and serious injury following COVID vaccination.

Pantazatos Study

What Is COVID Injection Fatality Rate?

All cause deaths go up the month after getting Covid vax.

Corporate Controlled Media

6 Companies Control 90% of All Media. Here’s Why You Should Care.

They form your opinions by censoring news, manipulating science.

Musk on Overpopulation

Elon Musk challenges ‘overpopulation’ narrative, warns risks of low birth rate

Instead, declining birth rate could collapse civilization

Dr. Ryan Cole

Spike Proteins in MRNA Vaccines Last Longer than Claimed

Pathologist says what happens to vaxxed people. Not as advertised.

BlackRock Fund Manager Whistleblower on the ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud

Edward Dowd reveals how Wall Street is reacting to vaccine scam

Atletes with heart issues

A Staggering Number of Athletes Collapsed This
Past Year

769+ athletes collapsed on the field during games from March 2021 to March 2022

Army Doctor

US Army doctor says medics told not to report adverse COVID jab reactions

Spoke up after many side effects from the jabs, plus six soldiers in the ICU

Canada’s Public Health wants police-like powers for quarantine inspectors

They want to fine, ticket and enforce their own rules

Trust Issues

6 Double Standards Public Health Officials Used to Justify COVID Vaccines

The COVID-19 narrative: inconsistent, hypocritical or contradictory


COVID Vaccines Don’t Work — And No Amount of Boosting Will Change That

“Even four boosters lets you contract, transmit or die of COVID.”

Cashless societies will almost certainly encourage gov’t abuses of power

Key element for a Chinese-style Social Credit System

Dr. Brian Ardis

Origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatments

Covid, vaccines, Remdesivir, snake venom all connected


US & world leaders baited Putin to war

Provoking a military response from Russia

Covid Shots

COVID Vaccines Don’t Prevent Transmission, Severe Illness or Deaths

Who is lying? Follow the real science or follow the money.

Shppers Beware

Same NanoTech in shots now unlabeled in 2000 foods

Not even a pretense of informed consent.

U of T

University of Toronto drops vaccine mandate

'Mandates scientifically questionable, ethically problematic, misguided,


Saskatchewan Scraps
Digital ID

Most want no part of control and sureveillance system.

Vaccine Risks

COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised

COVID shots killed five times more seniors (65+) than the infection

Ivermectin Study

NY Times Latest to Mislead Public on Ivermectin Study

Under-dosed, study actually showed opposite of what the NY Times suggested.

Cruise Ship

‘100 Percent’ Vaccinated Cruise Ship Hit With COVID-19 Outbreak

When will they stop pretending the "Vaccine" offers protection?


Why Christine Anderson Scorched Trudeau in front of European Parliament

MEP comments on Trudeau's "democracy" speech in Brussels


Wall Street Journal Misleads Public on Ivermectin

Ignores Latest Revelations About ‘Hidden Author’ Who Undermined Its Efficacy

r. Pierre Kory

Dr. Pierre Kory on Censoring
Legitimate Science

If the science doesn't fit the narrative, it is labeled misinformation and censored.

Vaccine Victims

10 Lives Changed Forever by COVID Shots

Representative of hundreds of thousands of reported adverse reactions.

Covid Death Certificate

CDC Removes Tens of Thousands of Deaths ‘Accidentally’ Attributed to COVID

Over 72,000 deaths found to be NOT from Covid in spite of Being "Fact Checked."​


It's Time to Follow the Science

Risk from vaccines in youth & kids outweighs any benefits.

Globalist's Plan

Iron Will Shares Likely Scenario
of Globalist's Next Steps

Will Dove's ideas on our imminent future.


"Canada the worst kind of dictatorship" Member of European Parliament

Hidden to Canadians, seen clearly by the rest of the world.


"Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy, please spare us your presence"

Member denounces Trudeau in front of European Parliament.

Vaccine Studies

44 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy Raise Doubts on Mandates

No protection, adverse reactions outweigh perceived benefits.

International Court of Justice

Gates, Fauci, Daszak Charged With Genocide In International Criminal Court

World-wide allegations of crimes against humanity.

Canada's response

Canada’s Response to Freedom Convoy So Different Than With Other Protests

Violence, property damage & economic harm got negotiation, NOT Ottawa's peaceful protest.

Mass Delusion

The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis

Have we all been brainwashed into "drinking the Kool-Aide?"

Ukraine Conflict

The Coup That Caused the Ukraine Conflict

The US helped depose a duly elected president and Zelensky took over.

Interview with Blackrock man

Pfizer, FDA Hid Data Showing Clinical Trials Failed: Former BlackRock Advisor

Courageous whitleblower says Pfizer committed fraud.

Patent Approved

Patents Prove SARS-CoV-2 Is A Manufactured Virus

NIAID funded it under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.


CBC Retracts Lies Used to Justify Emergencies Act

Trudeau used it, but what of those arrested and stripped of their funds?

Digital IDs

Vax Passports, Digital IDs & CBDCs

The end of all privacy and personal freedom?

Jordan Peterson

Warning: Ontario's Bill 67 Will Enshrine Critical Race Theory in all Schools

"If you're white, you're racist automatically" is almost law.


Report shows Pfizer shot caused 1,200+ different adverse reactions

Governments followed politics over medical science.

Queen & Trudeau

Trudeau meets Queen without mask while Canadians still forced to wear them

Also met with U.K. military leaders maskless; but Canadian forces still masked.

DDT is good for me

A Story About Polio, Pesticides and the Meaning of Science

DDT could have been major factor of the “polio epidemic.”

Malone Interview

They Wanted this Info Hidden Until You Are Dead. BUSTED!

Dr. Robert W. Malone on Pfizer Documents “A huge list of adverse events.”

Why Vaccinating for Omicron Could Make Pandemic More Deadly

Interview with mRNA vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche

Bubble Popped

Trudeau’s Tyranny Shows the Coming Great Reset Agenda on Global Stage

Defeat the Globalist Agenda by being vocal about it.

Protestor and police

Is Canada Becoming
North America’s Cuba?

Canada is leaving the Western world.

Court Ruling

Family Law Superior Court Judge Sets “the Precedent We’ve Been Waiting For”

Didn't follow narrative that can't be questioned, Judge considers evidence.


CDC Not Transparent With Public on COVID

Data witheld if it doesn't show what they want.

Doc Suspended for Anti-Vax Views Sues Hospital

Seeks access to hospital's financial records from COVID-19 pandemic

Protests continue across Canada in support of Freedom Convoy

Citizens & premiers disagree with Emergencies Act against Convoy

Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy, veteran reporter, Speaks Out

Taken off Streamable for "violating Terms" See on YouTube while you can.

Major Chledowski

Canadian Officer Speaks Out

Major Stephen Chledowski explains the Charter of Rights are not 'granted.'

Convoy Spokesman

Won't be ‘Punching Bag’ for Police. Peaceful Withdrawal From Ottawa

(Article is for pay only but video of press conference is free to see.)

Trudea Called Dictator

'Dictator' Justin Trudeau blasted by European Parliament member

The world watches Canada's struggle to keep democracy.

Andrew Sheer

Trudeau Shuts Down Parliament to Stop Vote On Emergency Act

Andrew Sheer tells this ploy to keep Parliament from stopping Trudeau.


Must See:
Police Brutality Coverage

Senior woman on walker trampled by horse mounted police.


Man Clubbed
After Being Downed

Police Arrest peaceful protestors contrary to Charter of Rights.

Brian Peckford

Brian Peckford Talks to Truckers

Last living premier to sign Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms declares government is in violation.


How ‘Fact Checking’ Controls What You See Online — and What You Think

It's just "Because We Say So" instead of real facts.

US Governor

US governors, Canadian premiers demand Biden & Trudeau end trucker mandates

16 governors & 2 Premiers write Trudeau, ask for reason and diplomacy.