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Freedom Forum* P.E.I. is a community organization founded in May, 2021 to provide a venue for the expression of alternative and differing opinions around community issues, including health issues and policies related to the Covid crisis.

One of the important goals of the Freedom Forum is to provide a comfortable and private place where various views can be expressed openly without the fear of local media publication and manipulation. As a result, all Freedom Forum gatherings are by invitation.

The Freedom Forum has also organized a rally in support of their and Standing4Students initiative for a 6 month moratorium on the kids vax. It has also worked in support of Standing4Students initiative and is part of the PEI Freedom Coalition, which meets once a week to network with other freedom organizations to work on common action strategies.

Discussions on the health and political issues of the day and committee reports are an important part of our Forums, but it has been found that the social interactions and fellowship at the Forums are as important as the actual project initiatives discussed.

To contact and receive information on how to get on the Freedom Forum mailing list email: freedomforumpei(at)protonmail (dot)com Also on Telegram: freedomforumpei

Our motto: capto cervisiam * history tidbit : Forums were popular in Greece-Roman times as locations, usually at the markets, where wise men, philosophers, politicians and religious leaders debated and preached from their holy books.

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We are a group of parents, students and community members working to protect our students of all ages from harmful school policies and practices mandated by public health. We have done extensive research and collaboration about all topics involved in this. We are not generally anti-vaccination, but rather PRO MEDICAL AUTONOMY and encourage people to obtain informed consent! We will be attempting to hold the government of PEI and the school administrators accountable for the mental, physical and academic harms being caused by mandating and forcing our children to be masked for in school learning, forcing on-line learning regardless of impacts on learning and social development, and the harmful effects of school activities and clubs being canceled/modified, which we feel are crucial to their development. That being said, we realize the public education system is severely flawed and often corrupt in many ways; therefore growing student-centered and freedom-loving education for our youth is the focus moving forward. There are many reasons why we do not agree with the public health restrictions for our students; the restrictions are harming the children/youth with no evidence of cv-19 causing any significant harms. Our 4 foundational pillars/purpose:

1) IN CLASS - learning must take place in class, in person (virtual learning is not an acceptable substitute for in person education especially for younger children).

2) UNMASKED - no students should be masked in school or anywhere for that matter.

3) ACTIVITIES - resume all clubs/sports (these are crucial for the physical and emotional development).

4) HEALTH/MEDICAL AUTONOMY - interference by school administrators into students' medical choices is unacceptable (ie. discussions about any kind of vaccine should never occur and the privacy of medical information must be respected). Please reach out to our steering committee if you can help in any way, are interested in learning pods, or need support on how to stand up for your freedoms! We can help support, guide and educate parents, students and concerned community members.


Mama Bears

The Mama Bears Project is a Police On Guard initiative designed to provide valuable and insightful resources for parents who have legitimate concerns about the lack of long- term safety data and inadequate studies for kids who aren’t an at-risk group for negative outcomes from the virus. The Mama Bears Project aims to help parents make informed decisions about their child’s health and connect parents with alternative education resourc- es and learning pods within their community.

How can you help? We have posters and stickers printed that we need to get out into the community. Bus stops, street poles, shopping malls, public washroom stalls, community bulletin boards, recreation centers, hockey arenas, and anywhere we can reach parents.
Email: terrimamabears(at)protonmail(dot)com