Skirmish Won, War Not Over

Let’s see if we can think clearly for a minute.

If you get your information from the government or corporate sponsored news, it’s no wonder that you have forgotten the following:

1. When the rail lines were blockaded and private property was destroyed, government negotiators came in to resolve the dispute.

2. When the oil pipeline was taken over and much property was destroyed, government representatives also came in to negotiate.

3. When the truckers arrived in Ottawa, Trudeau fled town with the excuse that he’d been exposed to Covid and had to self-isolate. A few days later he changed his story to having tested positive to Covid, in spite of having two shots and a booster.

Does no one see the absurdity of mandating a medical intervention on truckers–or anyone–that clearly does not work? Even the WHO has abdicated on insisting in vaccines or boosters. (read more here)

4. Remember also that Trudeau never once sent negotiators to even speak with the truckers even though they repeatedly asked his to do so.

5. During the whole truckers event was there was not a single act of violence by the truckers nor destruction of property in all the time they were there.

Yes, the news media that is in the government’s pocket tried to paint the trucker’s occupation in the worst light. They said many downtown businesses were disadvantaged but fail to mention that Ottawa’s mayor ordered them to close so as to inconvenience the truckers. They failed to mention that violent crimes in Ottawa went DOWN, not up with the truckers there. They shoveled sidewalks. The had good relationships with the Ottawa police. When people waving a swastika or confederate flag did show up, the truckers chased them away yelling, “You don’t belong here!” Of course the CBC got their (contrived?) photo op. Trudeau has beat that drum to death ever since.

But in all that time Trudeau NEVER ONCE sent anyone to negotiate or even talk to them.

So, in what warped world of thinking is calling in the brute squad the only resort?

In what democracy is having a peaceful demonstration made equivalent with being a terrorist?

In what democracy is making a donation to the truckers RETROACTIVELY made into the crime of funding terrorism, punishable by having your bank accounts frozen?

Only in the warped vision of Canada that swims in Justin Trudeau’s mind.

Now Trudeau has ended the Emergency Act. Have we won? Is democracy restored? Can we breathe easy now?

Not by a long shot!

Where are all those people who were arrested in the few days when the Emergencies Act was in power? Have they been freed? Have the vehicles of the truckers been returned to them? Are the seized assets of protestors and their supporters been returned to them?

And why did Trudeau suddenly let go of the Emergencies Act, anyway?

For once the Canadian Senate performed its proper function to be a body of sober second thought instead of its normal rubber-stamping whatever the House of Commons decides. They asked Trudeau some really hard questions. I’m grateful the Senate stepped up to the plate, but I doubt if that’s the reason why Trudeau surrendered.

Look instead to the long game plan of the World Economic Forum (WEF). They want a single world government ruled by the world’s richest persons and corporations. Does this explain why YouTube, Facebook and their ilk have been so avidly censoring anything that does not conform to the whole Covid narrative? Aha!

One of their most imminent goals is to get us all to submit to a digital identity in the name of security. But the real reason is that once it is in place, they can institute the kind of Social Credit controls that China already has. If you are not supportive of the government, your social credit is revoked. You can not use public transit, you can not have banking, you can not own property. That’s already the reality there.

In order to get people to buy into the digital ID system they have to have confidence in the banking and other safeguards that we take for granted. Trudeau shattered that confidence. (read more here)

Maybe that’s why Trudeau changed so abruptly. He was messing up the bigger plans of his overlords and needed to be reeled in.

So if you think the war is won, it was just a skirmish. The war is yet to be fought.

By Michael Shumate