Something You Can Do

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Many of us who have not swallowed the corporate news media’s misinformation about the jab wonder what we can do. It seems like the majority of Islanders have been brainwashed and believe Big Pharma’s narrative. We feel alone. It can be discouraging.

But I have found that there are lots of Islanders who know deep down inside that something is not right with what they are being told.  They just don’t know where they can go for the correct information or resources to protect their families. is an attempt to fill that gap and publicize the messages of scientists and journalists who have not been bought off by Big Pharma.

We can’t just wish this situation away. We can help by standing up for the truth. But what to do?

Here is an idea. Invite people to examine the facts. Or at least the other side of the story. It used to be a universally accepted truth that there are two sides to every story. Not any more. But this little name tag message could just be the means of finding other people who don’t buy what’s being crammed down our throats.

Wearing this simple tag could help people you come in contact with reach out for alternative views and information, from you or from what is being shared on

Inexpensive name tag sleeves are available from dollar stores and other places. This package of eight was only $2. For very little you could have one for your whole family. Or you could have a couple for yourself and others to give away to interested friends.

Name Tags

You can print out your own tags from the PDF files we’ve supplied here below, either in color or in B&W. If you don’t have a color printer, use the B&W file and you can (carefully) color in the red for the forbidden symbol with a marker.

We don’t just have this one message. There are several to choose from.


Resistance Tags

For each design there are sheets you can download and print. One with color and one just in B&W. Since the name tags come in packs of 8 and there are 8 tags per sheet as shown here below.

Get FACT-sinated colorGet FACT-sinated B&W

Download your own printable sheet of your choice here.

Get FACT-sinated



I Call the SHOTS



Our Kids Are NOT Lab Rats

Our Kids Are Not Lab Rats sheet-sheet-color

Our Kids Are Not Lab Rats-sheet-B&W

Freedom from Mandates



Proudly Fringe Minority

Proudly Fringe Minority-sheet-color

Proudly Fringe Minority-sheet-B&W

True North Strong and FREE



We Da Fringe

We Da Fringe-sheet-color

We Da Fringe-sheet-B&W

Psychological Warfare – Do Not Comply!

Psychological Warfare-sheet-color

Psychological Warfare-sheet-B&W

Composite Sheet (one each of each design)

Composite color2

Composite B&W2

We hope this will catch on and that hundreds of Islanders will stop being the silent minority. What is happening to our rights and our health is just not right. This is something we can do.

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By Michael Shumate