The Charlottetown Declaration

Claiming Our Rights and Freedoms

By Freedom Forum PEI

During the past two years Islanders have witnessed the rise of extremist governments by the imposition of mandated rules that strike at the heart of our democracy and our inalienable rights as Islanders and Canadians. Through the knowledge of our forebears who delivered themselves from tyranny and our standing for justice we, as a community, will be able to create a future where human rights and freedoms are again revered and honoured within Prince Edward Island.

This is not the first time that tyranny has been visited upon this Province. The Province was founded with the land being held by the aristocracy of England. Based on the principles of natural justice, our ancestors claimed the right to hold the land by the sweat of their brows and by the aristocracy’s failure to develop their Island holdings. This successful struggle by our settler forebears and our grandparent’s war against fascism involved great struggle and bloody sacrifice to obtain the rights and freedoms we have enjoyed, until recently.

A Monumental Betrayal of Trust
The King government in partnership with the Ottawa regime of Justin Trudeau is indiscriminately and immorally destroying our local economy, closing businesses and schools, restricting personal movement, imposing untested medical interventions, and eliminating the most basic of human rights and freedoms. All of this in the absence of true authority, evidence of benefit, accountability, and in ignorance of the overwhelming damage to the health and well-being of Islanders. Through these actions they have lost the moral authority to govern! Their extreme breach of trust is so insidious yet so dire, that it causes many to deny this betrayal has happened!

In addition, the overt bias and distortion of facts, along with censorship, practiced by government authorities and media, have manipulated through fear the reality of the Covid crisis. These individuals, who have been entrusted to share public information truthfully and faithfully have failed Island citizens.

The extreme measures imposed by the King Government has exposed the dangers inherent in assumed and unfettered political power. As a result we have witnessed:

a) The absence of real debate in our Legislative Assembly and the refusal by Island politicians and health authorities to debate the scientific data supporting the imposition of extreme measures.

b) The failure of our governments to protect the health, safety and well-being of Islanders from harms caused by the promotion and injection of untested inoculants.

Our Best Path Forward
This community declaration, by the member groups of the PEI Freedom Coalition, declares and affirms: a call to all Islanders to unite to stop the government tyranny cast upon us and to reclaim our right to live in freedom and aspire to our dreams in the full expression of all that human life can be.

In Particular We Demand
and Declare: That Provincial elected officials and their agents acknowledge: a) That the universal rights and freedoms proclaimed in this declaration, and reaffirmed in the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights are sacred and inviolable. b) That their respective duties of service to the people under their oaths of allegiance and of office obligate them to honour and protect these rights and freedoms, people’s lives, livelihood and well-being. c) That the Provincial government and their health, education, legal agencies, and mainstream media immediately reverse the promotion and continuation of the disastrous and oppressive policies implemented in response to this declared pandemic and take prompt measures to address the damage caused by these policies.

Proclamation of Islanders’ Rights
A) Non-negotiable Rights and Freedoms:
We are free born with fundamental and inalienable rights of freedom and sovereignty that are our sacred inheritance, and that these rights and freedoms are inherent and non-negotiable. And therefore it is our lawful and rightful responsibility to assert and defend the rights and freedoms declared below:

B) The Absolute Right to Life and Bodily Sovereignty:
We declare our sole and natural sovereign right to make all decisions pertaining to bodily care and maintenance, free from interference or infringements of treatments or medicines, except with our fully informed permission and free from coercion by others.

C) Freedom to Earn a Living:
We declare our right to freely work, and to enjoy and share the fruits of our labour, our skills, our knowledge and experience without arbitrary restriction or hindrance. This includes the right to freely own and enjoy property.

D) Freedom to Worship:
We declare our right to physically and freely exercise our personal expression of faith or religion in our day-to-day lives both in private and in public, as individuals or in community, free from limitation or restriction on prayer or the private or public observance of traditional rites or holidays.

E) Freedom to Assemble:
We declare our right as individuals to physically and freely move, associate and assemble with others in the expression, promotion, pursuit, or defence of common interests; and to stand as individuals while expressing our individual views in concert with other individuals or groups.

F) Freedom to Speak:
We declare our right to the exchange of ideas in private and in public discourse, free from excessive cultural, legal or arbitrary controls; free from subtle or overt suppression of unconventional views or expressions of political opinion.

G) Freedom to Resist, Protest and Seek A Replacement of our Government:
We declare our right to resist, protest, and seek to replace any government that assumes more authority than is allowed under our inalienable rights, and acts to oppress or endanger the well-being and safety of Island citizens.

H) Right to a Fair, Independent, and Unbiased Media and Judiciary:
We declare our right to a fair, independent, and unbiased judiciary and media, obliged to protect the fundamental rights of all Island citizens.

I) Right to Personal Privacy:
We declare our absolute right to privacy, free of harassment or surveillance, without warrant or substantiated cause.

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