The Torch of Freedom

By David MacKay
Freedom Forum PEI

After two and one half weeks of peaceful protest asking for the government to withdraw the Covid Mandates, the Truckers Freedom Convoy and their supporters were met by police violence directed by the Trudeau regime. Videos show an elderly woman in a walker being trampled by a police horse and a veteran being beaten by riot police. Other peaceful protesters were tear gassed, pepper sprayed and hit by batons and rubber bullets. Trudeau’s violent response to peaceful protest is truly representative of the sad state of our democracy and the disconnect the political elites have with the suffering of Canadians caused by the Covid mandates.

There is a truism about freedom, that goes like this; “a nation can have a legal system, an abundance of lawyers, the most supreme of Supreme courts and an ideal constitution, but for a country to be truly free, freedom must exist in the hearts of the people.” Surely one of the great victories of the Truckers Freedom Convoy was to demonstrate that the desire for freedom is growing in the hearts of the ordinary citizens. Yes, Trudeau and his 337 fellow parliamentarians have shown their totalitarian colours, supported by a bought and compliant mainstream media. The truckers convoy has revealed what we all really knew; democracy in Canada is on life support and can only be restored by the rising freedom movement in this country.

In any great disaster we must take hope from the few gifts it has delivered. The Covid Plandemic has pulled the veil from our eyes. Yes, we knew political parties were corrupt that the corporations controlled the political parties, through kickbacks. Secret files have exposed their corruption. Yet we did not realize how wide and deep the corruption was in every institutional area of civil society including the political, legal, medical, educational and mainstream media systems and some religious institutions.

In our hearts we know what must be done; we must build a new world with decentralized power being devolved back to local community governance built upon justice and compassion. Will it be easy? No, and it was not easy when Islanders wrested the rights to their land from the powerful aristocracy in England, 150 years ago. It was not easy in the 1930s and 40s when working men and women formed up unions and co-operatives to implement their rights to a fair return on their labor, and to improve working conditions and wages. Certainly it was the anthesis of easy, a danger to life and limb when young men faced hell fire from the fascist guns on the beaches of Normandy! Yet through blood sweat and tears our forebears delivered to our generation a country that was built upon freedom. How did we ever take it for granted? Why are we now faced with totaltarism?

Yes, we must take some responsibility for the decline of our democracy. However, let us not forget that various powerful interests have cleverly used the education and media system to lead us down the pathway to compliance and cynicism about politics and erase our memory of Canadian’s struggles for freedom. Also realize the corporate hypocrisy of corrupting the democratic system and then using their mainstream media to cover the evils of the political system. Their subtle message; that politics is just too corrupted and divisive for citizens to be involved in beyond marking a ballot every 4 years. This message has been repeated endlessly and the majority of Canadians have accepted this mainstream media narrative.

But the Ottawa Trucker Freedom Convoy has changed everything! There is now no doubt that the lost souls and tyrants like Trudeau and King have forgotten that their role is to serve the people and not their corporate masters. Is it now time that they be replaced.

What is the road forward? All people-based social movements must begin with community based education. A curriculum dealing with the actual source of our problems and a deep discussion about how we initiate the solutions to our problems is needed. Citizens instinctively know or can formulate through community conversations solutions for the restoration of our economic and political democracy. We the people must realize that by working together we can and must overcome our despair and cynicism through the creation of new politics founded on true democracy. The first victory in this process by working people in Ottawa, and has started the formation of a Canadian Freedom Movement. It is now Islanders’ and Canadians’ responsibility to take up the torch of freedom lit in our Capital!