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8 Prominent Doctors Roundtable:
Immunity Covid & Vaccine

Panelists and Credentials
• Dr. Robert Malone, Virologist, Immunologist - key architect of mRNA technology
• Dr. Ryan Cole, Mayo Clinic trained, Board certified pathologist - has diagnosed 300,000+ patients.
• Pierre Kory, MD. MPA - former Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center, author of widely used intensive care textbook
• Dr. John Littell, MD. FABFP, Vice President, Pandemic Health Alliance - family medicine practitioner
• Dr. Heather Gessling, MD, FABFM - chief of staff of her local hospital
• Dr. Mark MacDonald - double board-certified clinical psychiatrist
• Dr. Tyson, MD. FABFP - owns 3 urgent care clinics, treated over 6000 Covid patients, 200 covid patients per day
• Dr. Richard Urso, MD, FAAO -
• Matthew Crawford - Biomedical Statistician, Metaprep Education Group